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Muchas de las campañas que estamos viendo en estos días calurosos del verano tanto en televisión como en otros medios offline y online han contado con la participación de Virtua.  Desde la preparación de los primeros conceptos creativos y las presentaciones internacionales hasta la transcreación y adaptación del copy para que los mensajes puedes ser igualmente poderosos en multiples idiomas.
Translation is just the first step towards addressing your audience in a language they understand. To truly translate marketing messages, however, there's another step that marketers must consider - transcreation. Word-for-word translation of marketing messages from one language to another may not be enough to get across your marketing message. Those messages also may need to be adapted to ensure they are culturally relevant. We've all seen cringe-worthy direct translations that have given brands airtime for all the wrong reasons.This is the point at which translation becomes transcreation - ensuring the language, humor, even slang, used in a marketing message is adapted such that it resonates with the intended audience. Transcreation might also be known by the terms 'in-language copywriting', 'cultural adaptation' or 'copy adaptation'.

1. Transcreation specialists are writers.

Usually, people who provide transcreation services are copywriters in other languages instead of translators. Some translators also happen to offer copywriting services in other languages, but in general, these are two different services, and the people who provide the services are not always part of the same professional associations and networking groups.

2. Transcreation starts with a creative brief.

Unlike translation, which starts with a source text, transcreation starts with a creative brief, just like your other creative projects do in your source language. Instead of simply providing text to the transcreation provider, you’ll need to provide them with clearer ideas of the creative concept and the desired action you are hoping to trigger with the copy.
No hay mal que por bien no venga Translation: There is no bad from which some good doesn't result. Transcreation: The bitterest trials are often blessings in disguise. Jim Estrada uses this popular Spanish dicho (saying) early in his recent book, The ABCs and Ñ of America's Cultural Revolution: A Primer on the Growing Influence of Hispanics, Latinos and Mestizos in the USA (Tate Publishing, 2013), to help set the stage for an insightful, easy to read and oftentimes snappy guide to understanding the Latino experience in the United States. Not surprisingly, Estrada, a longtime practitioner of ethnic marketing, is also purposefully speaking to those in the corporate sector charged with reaching the Latino consumer market, estimated by several sources as ranging between $1 and 1.2 trillion. I would note that there are important lessons in his book for those in the government sector whose jobs focus on ensuring that a deserving Latino public is adequately served.
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