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A linguistic visionary is raising funds for an online tool that could translate complex English sentences into emoji.

Emoji Translation Project / THE WASHINGTON POST
Two sample emoji translations by Fred Benenson, who believes that he and his Emoji Translation Project can create a language made up of the images many of us use in tweets and phone mesages.
An iconic foodie goes entrepreneurial and curates an amazing list of artisanal words she'd brand for banning in the New Year. (feuilllu/Flickr)
George Carlin was famous for his monologue, “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” The idea was valid and very funny at the time, although it seems quaint in these days of anything-goes cable. I do think there are some words we could do without, at least temporarily.
I was okay with curated fashions and even curated books in a home library. But when I read that someone was provided with carefully curated snacks, I’d had enough.
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