Intermarche campaign celebrating ugly fruit and veg is brilliant

Imperfect fruit and veg get a pretty bad rep in today’s society.

We want flawless and symmetrical. We never go for the ‘ridiculous potato’ or the ‘grotesque apple’.

And it leads to a whole heap of fruit and vegetables being discarded so that only the most perfect specimens reach the shelves.

Now a Paris ad agency hopes to reverse the fortunes of imperfect fruit and veg with a campaign promoting what they call ‘inglorious fruits & vegetables’.

Inglorious fruit and Vegetables - marcel/design museum  Intermarche

Marcel Worldwide created the campaign for Intermarché, France’s third largest supermarket chain, to address the issue of food waste (which according to the European Commission sits at 100 million tonnes a year in the EU).

And PS: the graphics have scooped the Design of the Year 2015 award from London’s Design Museum.

Check out these campaign posters, which ran during the EU’s Year Against Food Waste last year, and try telling us you can’t show the disfigured aubergine some love.

Inglorious fruit and Vegetables
All about this aubergine (Picture: Marcel/Design Museum)

Forget appearances, carrots have hearts too.

Inglorious fruit and Vegetables
(Picture: Marcel/Design Museum)

When life gives you lemons, make vodka and tonic. Obviously.

Inglorious fruit and Vegetables
(Picture: Marcel/Design Museum)

Mash, saute, bake, slice these babies up.

Inglorious fruit and Vegetables
(Picture: Marcel/Design Museum)

And to really build the hype, and intention, behind the campaign Intermarche bought in imperfect produce from suppliers, gave it prime position along aisles with stand-out displays *and* dished out free soups and juices.

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