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What are the most frequently used words in the English language? You’re about to find out. In 1965, researcher Mark Mayzner published Tables of Single-letter and Digram Frequency Counts for Various Word-length and Letter-position Combinations. His work, which studied the frequency of letter combinations in English words using a corpus of 20,000 words, has been cited in hundreds of articles.
Medallions are discs, goujons become fish fingers, and locally sourced means 'bought round the corner': Translation tool changes pretentious food terms into plain English
  • Simpler Menus converts overblown language in menu into plain talk 
  • Tool developed by Great British Bake Off finalist Luis Troyano and Bosch 
  • Says home cooks scared to experiments as cooking terms are intimidating
Being able to speak more than one language opens people up to an array of amazing experiences. Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the United States. And for those who speak both English and Spanish, it can sometimes be a frustrating process when you can't find the exact word you want in the language you need.
Your Brand's Name Might Be a Liability Once You Cross the Border
What's the biggest change in marketing in the past 50 years? You could make the case for the Internet. Or Big Data. Or mobile marketing. Or PR. Or celebrities. Or a number of other revolutionary developments. But in our work as marketing consultants, we find the biggest change is the shift from national marketing to global marketing. Our clients are mostly focused on building global brands. When brands cross borders Problems can occur. Take the name of the brand. As long as a brand is a registered trademark in the countries you wish to do business in, you might assume everything is taken care of.
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