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Imperfect fruit and veg get a pretty bad rep in today’s society. We want flawless and symmetrical. We never go for the ‘ridiculous potato’ or the ‘grotesque apple’. And it leads to a whole heap of fruit and vegetables being discarded so that only the most perfect specimens reach the shelves.
Spain’s leading linguistic consultancy serving blue-chip companies and multinationals in Spain’s marketing and advertising industry is seeking a native English-speaking Project Manager to reinforce its core project coordination team. Successful candidates will report directly to the company’s management, based in Madrid, and will be responsible for coordinating linguistic resources and ensuring the highest quality multi-lingual creative communications for its clients.
An earlier version of this article was published in May 2013. We're revisiting it in light of the interest awakened by our earlier posts on Spanish words with no direct English translation. Warning: This article contains explicit language that some readers may find objectionable. Aviso: Esta nota contiene palabras que podrían ofender a algunos.
Being able to speak more than one language opens people up to an array of amazing experiences. Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the United States. And for those who speak both English and Spanish, it can sometimes be a frustrating process when you can't find the exact word you want in the language you need.
  • British accent triumphed in poll of 11,000 people's favourite in English
  • It was followed by American, Irish and Australian accents in global survey
  • French accent voted for by just 7.7% of people, coming in fifth place
Sacre bleu! French has lost its place as the language of love – to English.  A British accent was chosen as the most attractive by 26.7 per cent of people answering a global survey of 11,000 people in 24 cities - followed by American, Irish and Australian accents. French was chosen as the sexiest accent by just 7.7 per cent of respondents to Time Out’s Global Dating Survey, coming in at fifth place.
A century from now, expect fewer but simpler languages on every continent In 1880 a Bavarian priest created a language that he hoped the whole world could use. He mixed words from French, German and English and gave his creation the name Volapük, which didn’t do it any favors. Worse, Volapük was hard to use, sprinkled with odd sounds and case endings like Latin. It made a splash for a few years but was soon pushed aside by another invented language, Esperanto, which had a lyrical name and was much easier to master. A game learner could pick up its rules of usage in an afternoon.
Four-letter words are all well and good, but they’re a bit tired, and lack that tinge of, well, sparkle. Isn’t it time you used something more spectacularly, historically offensive to demonstrate your shock, surprise, or resignation? Don’t you only deserve the best?
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