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Daily Telegraph 'Doing a Ratner': Gerald Ratner wiped £500 million from the value of his stores with one speech 1 - The most famous of them all, so much so that such gaffes are now known as "doing a Ratner". Gerald Ratner wiped £500 million from the value of Ratners jewellers with one speech in 1991.
What are the most frequently used words in the English language? You’re about to find out. In 1965, researcher Mark Mayzner published Tables of Single-letter and Digram Frequency Counts for Various Word-length and Letter-position Combinations. His work, which studied the frequency of letter combinations in English words using a corpus of 20,000 words, has been cited in hundreds of articles.
Partnership talks to high schoolers in their language By Katie Richards If you can't figure what these billboards mean, you're probably terrible at decoding emoji, and you're probably not a teenager. But that's OK, because the new campaign from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids was designed to communicate with high schoolers, not adults.
Imperfect fruit and veg get a pretty bad rep in today’s society. We want flawless and symmetrical. We never go for the ‘ridiculous potato’ or the ‘grotesque apple’. And it leads to a whole heap of fruit and vegetables being discarded so that only the most perfect specimens reach the shelves.
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